Management Programme

Rosywood Mahemu Estate aim to be a centre of excellence in agriculture. It’s natural that we aim to work with both local and international universities for them to access our campus which has a lecture room, laboratories and plenty of in field education.

Getting to Rosywood Mahemu Estate, whether through your university or apprentice, lots of students think that once the space is done, the job is over. We take the view that the journey has only just started.

For Rosywood excellence in Workplace Management is about designing and consistently delivering great ‘workplace experiences’ that help your future organisation meet its objectives, give you the best opportunity to do your best work and subtly reflect your future organisations personality.

But delivering great workplace experiences day in day out requires a more sophisticated approach than is traditionally delivered by many other organisations. At Rosywood Mahemu Estate we provide development programmes and coaching services to support Agriculture Management Leaders in developing their workplace management experience to the highest level of excellence.