Rosywood Mahemu Estate proudly grows, packs and markets avocados for the UK market.  For the short period, we have been in the market, Rosywood has played a central role in the avocado business both in domestic growing and exporting to UK.  We’re excited to share our story. Welcome to Rosywood avocados and thank you for your visiting us.

Growing, packing, and shipping Fresh Avocados are at the core of who Rosywood Avocados is. Rosywood is committed to providing fresh avocados to customers in UK and mainland Europe. 100% of Rosywood avocados are packed in the Rosywood label and producing and delivering top quality avocados to its customer remains Rosywood mission and goal. From pre-conditioned Avocados to bagged Avocados to fresh green and hard- Rosywood Mahemu Estate does it all using state of the art mechanism.

Rosywood Avocado Difference

What makes Rosywood Avocados so special? Is it the sun-kissed soil, the seasoned experts at Rosywood, the hand-grown care, or just the magic of Chipinge? And the answer is … yes. Rosywood Avocados combine all the best elements to bring you that creamy, completely handcrafted, avocado taste. We have 50 hectares at this family run farm. We walk the land ensuring their avocados are always inspected, harvested and cared for by hand. We take great pride in the in the Mahemu Family name, so rest assured knowing every delicious Rosywood Avocado comes from our hands to yours.

How to peel Avocados

By peeling avocados, you gain access to the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit closest to the peel.

Everyone has a personal preference on how to cut Rosywood Avocados – but using this ‘nick and peel’ technique allows you to make the most of your avocado while maximizing the nutritional benefits. Here’s how to cut and peel an avocado.

Step-by-step Instructions

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be peeling your avocados like a pro in no time:

  1. Make sure your avocados are ripe and ready to eat
  2. Like all fruit, wash the avocado before cutting
  3. Carefully cut the ripe avocado in half length-wise around the seed
  4. Rotate the avocado ¼ turn and cut length-wise around the seed to make ¼-avocado segments
  5. Separate the quarters and remove seed
  6. Starting from the tip, nick and carefully peel each segment. Discard the peel (we do not recommend consuming the avocado peel)


  1. The greatest concentration of carotenoids, or beneficial plant pigments, is in the dark green fruit closest to the skin. In fact, avocados contribute 11 beneficial carotenoids to one’s diet, including lutein, which helps to maintain healthy eyesight as we age
  2. By peeling your avocado, you’re ensuring you don’t miss out on the nutritional benefits of this super food which may be lost when preparing your avocado in other ways, such as scooping
  3. Safety first! Peeling your avocado allows you to remove the seed using your fingers which helps eliminate the risk of cutting yourself if using a knife to remove the seed


Peeling avocados opens up all kinds of preparation and presentation possibilities.

Peel and then slice your avocado for perfectly presentable slices on your sandwich or in a salad:

Or peel, slice and then dice for nicely diced avocado chunks in your salads:

Or even slice, dice and then mash with a fork for the perfect guacamole consistency:

Whether you’re mixing Rosywood Avocados into a traditional guacamole, or slicing them for a summery salad, try peeling your avocados and enjoy the goodness in every bite.

Emily Schiller
Emily Schiller is a registered dietitian who specializes in making nutrition information easy to understand and relevant to a variety of consumer and stakeholder audiences.

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