Cattle ranch


We believe certain traits are a must in our production of high quality Brahman-Nguni cattle. At Rosywood Mahemu Estate, we believe these traits are extremely important and a necessity for the Brahman Breed to move forward. The traits are as follows:

Rosywood consider it mandatory that our females calve every year. On our young heifers, we check the maturity of the reproduction tract by palpating to make sure they are reaching puberty at an early age. Notes are taken on births that require assistance calving or nursing and are culled from the program, period. We put pressure on collecting semen on our bulls at an early age that are considered to be a herd sire prospect.

Rosywood Cattle Ranging consider docility an essential trait in our selection process. At weaning, before growing familiar with human interaction, we sort each animal into solo confinement and assign a temperament score from 0 to 5, with 0 being the most docile. In the beginning, 90 to 95 percent of our calf crops would be considered “wild” by our standards today.

At the cattle range, strive to produce the most perfect cattle for the cattleman. Spring of rib, easy keeping, moderate framed, heavy bone. Rosywood place a heavy emphasis on structural soundness.

Rosywood Mahemu Cattle undergo rigorous testing for the following: we collect all actual birth weights, weaning weights and yearling weights, average daily gain, carcass traits. We strive to push the limits but never jeopardize fertility and maternal characteristics that define this breed.

Rosywood have started individually testing all females and most male calves born for feed intake and conversion. In our first test, the animals, both male and female, ranged from 4 pounds to 14.5 pounds of feed to gain one pound. With years of selecting the most efficient animals from this testing procedure to come, we are very much looking forward to making great progress.

Tenderness is considered the most important factor for customer satisfaction. Rosywood have been training ownership of our steers.

IMF% is a numerical figure that ultrasound machines provide that is a prediction of the amount of intramuscular fat in the ribeye muscle of an animal. Even though this figure is an estimate, it is one of the most powerful tools to the cattleman in today’s industry in selecting cattle with higher quality beef. The average Brahman IMF score is from a 3.0-4.0 and of the ones that have been scanned the average BF is from .3-.5”. At Rosywood Mahemu Estate, we aim to have a calf crop which averaged 12 months old at scanning averaged a 4.75 actual IMF and an actual average BF of .17”. Rosywood have started our carcass based breeding program and will push forward in our search of excellence.

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