Dairy cows


Rosywood Mahemu Estate has a progressive dairy farm located in Chipinge, Manicaland. Our dairy currently milks 100 cows 3 times, which. Our milk is marketed through the local market and the local DeriBoard of Chipinge and we are working on with other processors to be make into pure, tasty, and healthy products such as bottled milk, ice cream, yogurts, nutritional products, baby formula, various types of cheeses, and many more products.

Rosywood Mahemu Dairy began as a dream for Shanda and Nyasha shortly after they were came back to the farm in 2015.

Having had 3 children, Chengetai, Chelsea  and Savanna while operating the dairy, Shanda and Nyasha also sparked a interest in dairy farming in their children.

Mechanisation in Dairy Farming

A technology of free-stall housing of animals with a constant access to water and feed (TMR all year round) will be at Rosywood Mahemu Estate’s dairy.

Significant investments into the farm as well as modern management systems in production allows to achieve the following performance indicators:

  • Milk production — 18 000 t/year;
  • Milk yield per cow — 9,200+ l/year;
  • Milk quality corresponds to the actual standards of the Zimbabwean government and EU.

Rosywood Mahemu Estate’s specialists target to achieve maximum realization of the herd’s genetic potential due to optimization of milk production technology. This includes:

  • Integrated functional system of feed quality management
  • Boosting of cow organism’s reserves (free-stall housing, comfortable stalls, free access to water and feed, optimal microclimate);
  • Synchronization of heat of cows and heifers (The program of preventive measures to manage the herd’s health status has been developed and implemented);
  • Adequate raising of young stock.

The dairy farm supplies to customers is targeting to be more than 50 tons of milk daily.

The dairy farm of Rosywood is to be included into the Registry of special raw-material zones, the products of which can be used for baby food and dietary food production.

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