Macadamia Nuts

Located in Zimbabwe’s natural region one, our estate is blessed with an annual rainfall of 1000mm and above, making it an ideal location for macadamia production. The estate boasts a sprawling 800ha plantation, divided into two sections comprising of Beaumont and Integrofolia 800 series. This carefully planned plantation follows an optimal plant population of 312 trees per hectare, resulting in an impressive average yield of 7 tonnes per hectare.

To ensure the highest quality and yield, Rosywood Mahemu Estate follows a strict set of agronomic practices in both its macadamia plantations. These include regular soil testing, proper fertilization, and irrigation management. The use of superior quality seeds and saplings further enhances the success of the plantations. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of experts monitoring and managing the plants to ensure optimal growth and yield.

Conservation practices are also an essential part of our operation. The estate has put in place measures to conserve soil and water resources, promote biodiversity, and reduce the carbon footprint. These practices not only benefit the environment but also contribute to the overall health and productivity of the macadamia plants.

When it comes to disease management, RME takes a proactive approach. The plantation has a robust pest and disease control program that includes regular monitoring and timely interventions to prevent any potential damage to the crops. The estate also has a strict quarantine policy to safeguard against the introduction of any new diseases.

At Rosywood Mahemu Estate, quality is of utmost importance, and this reflects in their processing methods as well. All macadamias are processed at the state-of-the-art Rosywood Macadamia processing plant, ensuring that the final product meets international standards. The ultimate goal is to export the macadamias to the global market, securing a significant share in the highly lucrative export market.