Rosywood potatoes are beautiful through and through. On the outside, our skins can be colourful and lively, and on the inside, they are beautifully enriched with nutritious vitamins, potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorous, niacin, fibre and pantothenic acids. Plus, they are low in calories and are gluten free. How can you top that? Well, you can with other vegetables and loads of other ingredients that can turn your Rosywood Potato into a gourmet meal.

However, not all potatoes are created equally. Always ask your grocer for local Rosywood Potatoes where ever you are in Zimbabwe. And if you’re living and eating in the Manicaland, remember to buy Rosywood Potatoes; food miles have a tremendous impact on the environment – and on your budget – so buy close to home.

Rosywood is the home to the health of potatoes, a potato grown utilizing best practices in integrated pest management and water conservation. That’s how far our Rosywood Mahemu Estate will go to great length to protect the environment.

Rosywood Potato Difference

Not only does our potato food chain have a purpose, it also has a conscience. Rosywood is committed to providing Zimbabwean families, restaurants and institutions with the highest quality potatoes on earth. In order to succeed with this ambitious goal, Rosywood Mahemu Estate understand the significance that superior agricultural practices have on the land and on the crop. We are comprehensively trained in food safety and produce traceability initiatives, and attend regional, national and international education conferences to keep current on the science of agriculture.

Rosywood Mahemu Estate do all of this because we have a conscience. We live and work by way of a “do the right thing” approach to agriculture. Rosywood don’t take short cuts and we have the deepest respect for the land they farm. In the end, that respect finds its way to dining tables across Zimbabwe and the region.